Dear Spanish Speaker,

We are reaching out to you for an initiative to create a pan India community of Spanish speakers. In many countries there are such communities or associations that meet regularly for professional, academic, cultural and other types of exchanges of ideas. It has been a dream of many of the intellectuals, teachers, translators and language specialists/experts working in this field, to be part of such a platform where we could learn, share opportunities, challenges and the ways to overcome them. This pan India platform of Spanish speakers should be our voice and guide.

We request your support in coming together by filling out the form below which will help us to plan formal and informal meetings to give a concrete shape to this idea.

We assure you that your information will be treated with a lot of care and shall be used for the above mentioned purpose only. Please share this link with any of the Spanish speaking/learning friend or colleague. Guidance of the teachers in the universities, institutions, intellectuals with interests in any of the aspects of Spanish speaking world is highly appreciated.   

Let’s come together to create a vibrant Spanish speaking community in India.


Ranjeet Kumar, Institute of Spanish Studies.


Association of Spanish Speakers (non-natives) in India (#91)

Interest Form : Spanish Speaking Community/Association

Please fill out the form below. The data entered will be used to get in touch with you for the updates about the formation of the community/association and to share information as per your interest.

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